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Meet Christina


Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

Hi, I’m Christina! I currently live in Calgary, Alberta with my husband and 3-year old daughter. 

When I’m not lifting weights, I love to be active outdoors whether it’s golfing, hiking or playing with my daughter at the park. I love to travel and visit new places in the world. If there is a beach, I’m there!

I graduated from Mount Royal University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in Marketing. Although I enjoyed working in the field of marketing, it just didn’t fulfill me.

I have always had a passion for health and fitness. I have tried everything from spin, yoga, barre, to various fitness class studios. After giving birth to my daughter, I started focusing on strength training. I completely fell in love! It changed my body. I spent years doing the same thing over and over and hours of cardio. Not to mention the countless diets or chicken, broccoli, rice phases. I learned how to TRAIN and knew I wanted to help women evolve and gain the power and strength that comes with strength training. Not only for the physical positives but for the mental ones too.

I followed my heart and I completed my personal training and nutrition certifications through ISSA. My mission is to educate and inspire women to be the best versions of themselves and find balance to truly love the life they are living.

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